Letter from Y, Osaka Prefecture, May 1, 2017, "Glass Shoes" Dearest Proposals Success

10:16 May 1, 2017

Comfort-Cook, Ito.


I'm always taking care of it.


The other day, I was able to successfully collect the glass shoe and succeed in the proposal for surprise.


I am truly grateful that even though it is a short period of time, we promptly respond to requests for not requesting additional options, etc.


The glass shoes I sold at Disneyland were also confirmed by the eyes, but I was so impressed by the fact that the glass shoes of the company were so transparent and clean that they couldn't be compared with those of the glass shoes.


In addition, I thank you for advice from professional eyes when I was making a production, and I was grateful for the fact that I had a consultation with me that I was not an Internet company, and I was also in trouble.I didn' t see him directly, but I thought it was a real warmth to see him.If I had the chance to go there, I would like to thank you directly.


I was able to create memories of my life for my life, too, and I think that it is the fate of something that has been destined for the company.I will continue to support Mr. Ito, who will continue his dream of being able to achieve his dream.I know you are busy, but please take care of your body.I'm sorry for the email, but I'll thank you again.Thank you very much.Y

Yes, congratulations, sir.As if I had read the letter, I met him directly, and as if he had been in a conversation, the smile of his livid and fiancée of his limbs and his smile.Well, then ...

14:18 May 2017


Comfort-Cook, Ito.


I'm taking care of it.I'm sorry for many times.


I'll send you a photo I want to receive.I could send her happiness facial expression, as I couldn't see her face in the face.(After crying) I think I could have gone home in happiness.


Thank you very much for helping Mr. Ito for the events of the whole life of my life.Y

I have received a second letter and showed me a picture.The fiancé is a picture of a glass shoe Dearest that has a glass shoe Dearest in his hands with his hands on his shoulder, and a picture of the two happy people at the front door of the hotel.Y, happy to be happy.I just want to thank God for what I can do for this happiness.