Letter from Mr. T, Kyoto Prefecture June 7, 2017 "Glass Shoes" Dearest proposal success

June 7, 2017 19:59 

Mr. Ito, thank you very much for your prompt response to our order. I really felt that Ito-san's consideration for his work and his feelings were conveyed, and I'm really glad I ordered here! 

I proposed on June 5th and got the OK! She was also really impressed by the beauty of the glass shoes. It's all thanks to Mr. Ito for being so polite. 

It was a great day! 

I have nothing but words of gratitude. Thank you♪T

Congratulations, T. Mr. T's Glass Slipper Dearest had several telephone meetings and e-mails to propose "finishing images", and Mr. T's ideas expanded and changed considerably from the initial order. . It was filled with the enthusiasm of wanting to present the best glass slipper. For example, "with Rose", which has a single preserved flower rose attached to the toe of a glass slipper, has been combined with a beautiful staircase object. I thought it would be difficult to ship this combination.