Letter from Kyoto T-Sama June 7, 2017 "Glass Shoes" Dearest Proposal Success

June 7, 2017 19:59


Mr. Ito, thank you very much for your response, despite the sudden order. I thought about Ito's work, and I thought that my feelings were communicated, and I thought it was really good!


June 5, I had a proposal safely and got OK! She was really moved by the beauty of the glass shoes. This is also thanks to Ito who really responded carefully.


I was able to be the best day!

There is only a word of gratitude. Thank you very much♪T

Congratulations on t. T-like glass shoes Dearest, while suggesting "finished image" by phone meeting and email, T-like ideas spread, and from the first order content, it has changed sluggish . What I want to give the best glass shoes I was overwhelmed. For example, in the "with Rose" with a glass shoe toe one circle with a single ring with a preserved flower, the specifications combined with the beautiful stairwear are the birth of this stairwhere, so far, we have been Shipment of this combination was considered difficult.