Letter from ST, Kagoshima prefecture August 5, 2017 Glass shoe ring pillow "Dearest"

August 5, 2017 13:49 

Hello! ︎ Sorry for the late thank you. 

Thank you for making these wonderful glass slippers. I was very happy. I loved it. 

Ever since my older brother made it for me, I've wanted to give him something beautiful that will last forever.

Thank you for your careful work. It was a very satisfying and wonderful thing. I would like to cherish it from now on. I'm really thankful to you. 

Letter from ST in Kagoshima

Actually, 5 years ago (2012), Mr. ST from Kagoshima Prefecture ordered the Glass Slipper Dearest as a ring pillow for his brother and his wife's wedding. It seems that they were very pleased as a lifetime souvenir. 

This early summer, I received an order for a glass slipper Dearest as a commemorative ring pillow for my wedding. You can have your own wedding in this refreshing autumn. When I called to ask for permission to post the letter, it sounded like a happy and excited voice, and it was planned to be displayed as a "ring pillow" at the ring exchange ceremony, and then as a "welcome item" at the reception. Thank you.

The very special day that will come soon. We will have fun together with the voice over the phone. Thank you very much.