Letter from ys in Kumamoto Prefecture 8 August 2017 glass shoes "great" proposal!

August 8, 2017 11:46


Hello! I went to Tokyo Disneyland on 5.6 days in August.


I had a night proposal for 5 days. I was glad to cry!


I loved Disney shoes because I liked Disney! Thank you really! I think that Mr. Ito's feelings and feelings are surely transmitted to the person who received this. Don't forget that! From now on, be careful enough for the body and continue to make the glass shoes that everyone delights!


Letter from ys in Kumamoto Prefecture

Happy New Year! Today, I received the permission of the letter of "customer's letter", and called the ys like voice after a long time. The impression of the telephone at the time of the previous meeting will come back. However, there is a difference that only one is noticed. Same people? Yes, it's after the proposal. Yes!♪I did it! Every time I notice it, I am very glad. Ito Hiromichi