March 9, 2018 A letter from Gifu R.S. The glass slipper proposal was a huge success!

February 25, 2018 10:39

Comfort Cook Mr. Ito

The glass shoes just arrived. 

I was a little ahead of the time to check the inside, and I am deeply moved by the beauty and perfection of the product. The look of her happiness appeared in her eyes. Perhaps because I saw the real thing, I suddenly got nervous, but I'm going to think about it tomorrow with the joy and fun of being able to spend such a wonderful time together. 

I would like to continue to look at the glass slippers, but I am running out of time, so please excuse me. thank you very much. 

 Letter from Gifu R.S.

I happened to be in front of my computer when I received this letter, so I called you immediately. This is for final confirmation. I'll be on the train from now on... About packing my luggage. I want you to have the best time. Heart-pounding, heart-pounding Hiromichi Ito

March 9 12:56

Comfort Cook Mr. Ito

My name is Sato, and I made the glass slipper the other day. Sorry for the late report due to work at the beginning of the month. 

The proposal at MiraCosta was a success! After watching Fantasmic together, I told him my thoughts while giving him the glass slipper. 

She is very pleased with both the proposal and the glass slipper, and happily talks about asking her nephew to be the ring bearer for her wedding. 

I think there will be many things in the long time to come, but when I get lost or feel stuck, I will look at the glass slipper and remember that wonderful time, the determination I made at that time, and move forward again. I would like to proceed to 

 I really appreciate your quick and sincere response to my sudden request. I'm really thankful to you. 

 Letter from Gifu R.S. 

On Sunday, I received permission to publish your letter by phone. I got a call back and had a little chat with him. Regarding this perfectionism, I received one very useful piece of advice to make it even better. on arrival. what we don't know. This makes it even more perfect! That's the advice. I was really happy. Dear R.S., your proposal was a great success! Congratulations. Hiromichi Ito