March 9, 2018 letter letter from Gifu R. s.

February 25, 2018 10:39


Comfort cook ITO

Glass shoes arrived here.


I am impressed with the beauty and the height of perfection. Her appearance pleased me. Because I saw the real thing, I was suddenly tense, but I am glad to be able to spend such a wonderful time with my heart, and I am going to think about tomorrow.


I'd like to see the glass shoes all the time, but I'm sorry for this because it's time to come. Thank you very much.


Letter from Gifu R. s

When I received this letter, I happened to be in front of the computer, so I made a call immediately. For final confirmation. From the train to the train. I want you to be more best. Hiromichi ITO

March 9, 12:56


Comfort cook ITO


The other day, Mr. Sato, who made a glass shoe. I'm sorry for the delay of the report because of the work of the beginning of September.


The proposal in MiraCosta was successful. After watching the fanatic, I gave a glass of shoes.


She is very happy with her proposal and glass shoes, and she is happy to ask her nephew to wear glass shoes as a ring bearer.


I think that there is a lot of things in the future for a long time, but when I hesitate or stop, I look forward to seeing the glass shoes and remembering that wonderful time and the determination at that time.


I am very thankful and sincere. Thank you very much.


Letter from Gifu R. s

On Sunday, I received the permission to write your letter. I had a call back and spoke to you. I was very grateful for one of the perfectionist points here. Arrival time. We don't know. This is more perfect! Advice. Really glad. R. S., propose great success! Congratulations! Ito Hiromichi