February 16, 2020 Saitama Prefecture S. A-like letter glass shoes proposal success

"Last month (January 2020) I ordered your product. ○ ○ ○ ○ (Saitama Prefecture S.a).

Sorry for the late reporting report. Below, I would like to thank you.


Bued with with Rose, but I would like to see the first person I wanted to pass, and I had been busy without opening the box. The box design is that the contents do not have a glass shoe with a glass shoes, and when passed, what reaction will you show? I was excited. And after passing a bouquet of letters and roses on the day, I opened the box with this with Rose in Surprise in front of you and proposes. After all, it seems that the contents were not imagined at all, very surprised and delighted and received.


The inner surface of the box was also designed like a staircase, creating an atmosphere like the stage of the ball. The shoes placed on the table are small, but in a very beautiful finish.


Even though I did not have a shine, the glass of the main body was rose red, the blue color of the decorated cloth was clear and shining with a wonderful color. I chose this product to propose and think it was really good. I was at the best dish.

In order to order, Ito was a very polite and heart-hearted service, including design ideas, including design ideas. There was a message of support to the box to be packed, and it sounds very.

Thank you very much. "