February 16, 2020 Saitama prefecture S.A.'s letter Successful glass slipper proposal

”My name is ○○○○○ (Saitama Prefecture S.A.), and I ordered your product last month (January 2020).

I apologize for the delay in reporting the receipt. Thank you for your comments below.

I bought With Rose, but I wanted the person I wanted to give it to see it first, so I kept it in the box without opening it. The design of the box is completely unrecognizable as a glass slipper inside, and I wonder what kind of reaction they will have when I give it to them. I was so excited. On the day of the event, after I gave her a letter and a bouquet of roses, I surprised her by opening the box containing the With Rose in front of her and proposing. "As expected, they couldn't imagine the contents at all, so they were very surprised, pleased, and accepted it."

The inside of the box is also designed to look like a staircase, creating the atmosphere of a ballroom. The shoes on the table are small, but they are very beautiful.

Even though it was not decorated with anything glittering, the red of the rose and the blue of the decorative cloth were transparent through the glass of the main body, and it was shining with wonderful colors. "I'm really glad I chose this product for my proposal." It was the best dish.

When I placed the order, Ms. Ito gave me a very polite and heartfelt service, from design ideas to words of encouragement. There was a message of support even in the box to be packed, and it resonated very much.

Thank you very much. ”