March 15, 2020 Letter from D.Y, Ishikawa Prefecture "Local" proposal great success!

Mr. Ito, Comfort Cook

Last night, the once-in-a-lifetime proposal ended successfully! 

As for the result...I'm still overwhelmed by the response of "Please!"... 

I'm really happy that she was so happy and moved by her glass slippers, and that I could see her shining her eyes for the first time! 

Her friends also raved about the glass slipper! 

More than anything else, I would like to thank Mr. Ito for his help! 

The courteous and prompt response that I can't thank you enough

And the warmth of each word gave me a push! 

Thank you very much! ! 

I had the best memories! I'm also thinking about purchasing a museum case, so I think I'll call you, but at that time, thank you again! This time, thank you very much! !