March 28, 2020 Letter from H.S., Saitama Prefecture (Suddenly change of schedule) "Home" proposal great success!

Mr. Ito, Comfort Cook

Sorry for the delay in replying. Thank you for the wonderful glass shoes.

Originally, I was planning to make a surprise proposal for her birthday on March 14th, White Day, but it was canceled due to the current situation.

I spent a more luxurious weekend than usual and proposed at home.

It was a gentle proposal, but they were surprised by the unexpected glass slipper and were delighted to discover the words written on it. 

Registration and wedding are yet to come, but I think we will move forward together! 

She has a pair of glass slippers that you can see, which makes me very happy. 

Also, I'm still thinking about it, but I'd like to write more anniversaries and words on the other side of the glass slipper when I'm going to register or get married in the future. Is it possible, please advise. 

Thank you for the wonderful shoes. I would like to cherish it forever as a memorial of the two of us. Thank you for this time.