Letter from Ama-chan, Toyama Prefecture March 7, 2018 Production of glass shoes on the wedding of the word

March 7, 2018 10:23


it arrived safely. Thank you very much. After all that case is essential to decorate, I realized that I actually got it and I realized that when I put it on the glass shoes.


We will present on her daughter's birthday two weeks later. Maybe you will be looking at a lot of guests, placed on the table at the reception desk. Thank you very much.


Letter from Toyama Prefecture Ama-chan

Today, I received a letter for letters on the phone. At the time, Ama-chan in Toyama Prefecture, for four years ago, I asked for the production of glass shoes to the wedding of your sisters.


As we have been storing past production records, first, when you contact us early, please refer to the picture of production four years ago, and this time, please refer to the image to be produced. Yes. It is a ring pillow of a good sister's mischief wedding.


Finally, yesterday, the glass shoes were presented.


Family everyone seemed to have fun while doing pounding and enjoying the sight of the happy family of presents. Thank you very much. Sisters were married, and the next time, the word of granddaughter and the day of the distant future were also soaked. Ito Section