Letter from Ama-chan, Toyama Prefecture March 7, 2018 Making glass slippers for a daughter's wedding Following on from 2014

March 7, 2018 10:23

It arrived safely. Thank you very much. After all, I realized that the case was indispensable for display, and when I put it on the glass shoe, I realized that. 

I will give it to my daughter for her birthday in two weeks. Maybe put it on the reception table and many guests will see it. Thank you very much. 

Letter from Ama-chan, Toyama Prefecture

Today, I received permission to publish your letter over the phone. In fact, four years ago, Ama-chan from Toyama asked us to make glass slippers for her daughter's sister's wedding.

Since we have kept past production records for a long time, when we first contacted you early in the New Year, please take a look at the paintings produced 4 years ago and use them as a reference for the images you will create this time. I had it. A matching wedding ring pillow for a good sister.

Finally yesterday, he received a glass slipper as a gift.

Everyone in the family seemed to be excited and having fun yesterday, and I could see the happy family scene of the present. Thank you very much. As the two sisters got married, I was deeply moved by your words that they are looking forward to seeing their granddaughter next. Hiromichi Ito