Dearest ® Glass shoe

  • ¥19,800

Even now, the feeling of congratulation, the mechanism to be transmitted, and the construction were made.

How can I get more if I can't meet like usual?

I've always thought.

We Completion ticket I made it.

Gift card (gift card)Email me.IfWith congratulations,Email forwarding・・・

If the order is calculated, the order is16 digit code in your ticketJust type.

* if you add an option (for example, adding a "Museum case"), the amount of the difference will be calculated.


Before ticket order Please come and experience the "automatic design" by yourself. There is charm of this "ticket of the ticket".

In "standard" or "even flow", please open the page and enter "name" or "anniversary".


The ticket is not only present "glass shoes" but alsoTogether, to present "happy time" also.

The feeling of congratulation and the transmission.

The person who received the "ticket for completion" is...

You will enjoy "sculpture message" X "typeface" design.

The time to think about this design is fun.

I'm sorry.

I'm excited.

The picture below is a model "standard" order page. On the screen, you can check the design in real time.

Many times, real time automatic design, trial and error can be done. Make it now! Until convinced.

I can design it while waiting for the day.

While trying a new manuscript, I tried many typefaces

Drawing a special future.

  • You will be able to hold the knack with the design of three times, and become a balanced design.
  • Everyone is beautiful ten times! Finally, I finish the impression design.
  • When I became happy and noticed, I thought about 100 times. Nothing.


"Tailoring ticket" to make a good time.

Design decision! After the order...

Please rest assured. Experienced designers will visit and follow your design. You can also modify it.


How to make design on screen

Family, use ideas in groups

Of course everyone thinks together!

1 wedding party gift certificate

You can order the design that suits yourself.


Of course everyone thinks together!

Design decision making(if you have two weeks or so, you won't be happy to enjoy it.)

We enter "real production".

Eventually, complete. 7 days to 2 weeks

I'm sure I'll be sure to join you again soon.

The gift of the hand is presented with everyone's hand.

2 for the whole family, we present a wedding certificate "wedding ticket."

Your daughter designed her own glass shoes with her groom. Happy memories.


It is fun to design together with the family screen.

Even now, even if it is far away, open the same screen with a personal computer in sumaroLook at the real time design and try the same typeface.Let me tell you that this is good.

3line video calls, share sharing with zoom!

Line video call, family in zoom.EveryoneShare your father's sumaho screen.

Yay everyone's opinion, meeting, and dad. I look at the design screen that is finished in real time by all families.In each location.Even if it is away, everyone wipes

・・ Try another typefaceI thoughtAdd a wonderful wordWhile sharing the design in real time.


見つけて 特別な今日を!