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Dearest® "Cinderella and the Little Glass Slipper" Gift Card

  • ¥19,800

Even if it's far away now, I made a system to convey the feeling of celebration.

If you can't meet like usual, more and more, what should I do?

I've been thinking about it for a long time.

we "tailor ticket" I made.

Tailor voucher (gift card) Delivered by email. When it arrives with words of congratulations forward mail・・・

For those who received a gift, at the time of order settlement, "16-digit code" on the tailoring ticket just enter

* If there is a difference in price due to the addition of options (for example, adding a "museum case"), only the difference will be charged.


Before ordering a tailoring ticket: By all means, be sure to pretend to be the person who received the gift and experience the excitement of "automatic design" for yourself. The charm of this "tailor ticket" is there.

Either "Standard" or "with Flow", open the page, try entering your "name", "anniversary", etc. (Japanese is also OK), and experience "automatic design". mosquito.

It's fun.

The tailoring ticket is not only a "gift of glass slippers", Give the gift of having a good time together.

The feeling of celebration, the mechanism to convey.

If you received a "tailor ticket"...

You can enjoy "engraving message" x "selected typeface" = "design" by yourself.

The time spent thinking about this “design” is really fun.

My heart throbs.

You excited.

The photo below shows how to design on the model "Standard" order page. You can check the design on the screen in real time.

Any number of times, real-time automatic design, trial and error. Now let's make it! until you are satisfied.

I can make a design while waiting impatiently for that day.

Somehow, while trying new manuscripts, trying various typefaces,

While drawing a special future.

  • Everyone, by the third design, you'll get the hang of it, and you'll end up with a well-balanced design.
  • Everyone, for the tenth time, beautiful! And finally, it's finished with an impressive design.
  • It was fun, and when I realized it, I was thinking about this and that about 100 times! Oh my God.

It's fun.

Presenting "tailoring ticket" and "fun time".

>> Design decision! After ordering... Furthermore, it is a safe mechanism.

Please rest assured. An experienced designer will see and follow up on the customer's "design". Then you can make corrections.


Useful ideas for groups and families

Of course, we can all think together!

1 Group presents a wedding celebration “tailoring ticket”

Those who receive it can order the perfect design for themselves with their own thoughts.


Of course, we can all think together!

Everyone discusses and decides on the design (If you have about 2 weeks, you can recommend it without rushing and having fun.)

We are going into "real production".

Before long, the Dearest will be completed. (7 days to 2 weeks)

At that time, I'm sure it will already be gathered in real life.

You can also give the completed Dearest with everyone's hands.

2 Present a “tailoring ticket” for the wedding celebration for the daughter with the whole family

The young lady, together with the groom, designed her own glass slipper. For happy memories.


On a day when the whole family is together, it's fun to design together while sitting around the computer screen.

Even if you are far away now, open the same screen on your smartphone or computer, While looking at the real-time design, try typing in the same way, try different typefaces, I told them that this is also good.

3 LINE video call, share design with ZOOM!

Family gathering with LINE video call and ZOOM. with everyone What I share is my father's smartphone screen.

Noisily everyone's opinion, give out, father, input. The whole family watches the design screen being completed in real time. at each location. Even if we're far away, we'll all have a blast...

・・・try another typeface ,came up with, add nice words , While sharing designs in real time... while looking at the future!


見つけて 特別な今日を!

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