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Dearest® Cinderella and A Little Glass Slipper "with Rose & Flow" Personalized Gifts (Custom engraving) for Christmas, Love, Anniversary (Overseas shipments start 2022 Nov.)

  • ¥23,650

Luxury long-selling model (2004~) "with Rose" that combines the best of the iconic single rose "with Rose" and the artistic "with Flow" of the herbarium worldview. & Flow"

Daily Care:The model "with Rose & Flow" has a structure that exposes one rose flower, so usually Clean with the included polishing cloth that brings happiness. Once every six months, it is recommended to dilute dishwashing detergent with water and soak it in a tissue, then gently and carefully wipe the entire glass and silicon top surface. Removes "fogging" caused by "invisible fine oil particles" (exhaust gas, etc.) floating in everyday space. Surprisingly, it shines brightly. Gently wipe off the dust on the preserved flower roses with a cotton swab.

If you're having trouble coming up with ideas for engraving... Please take a look at our 3 pages with various reference examples and engraving message examples.
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Glass slipper (body):(Approx.) 15x4.5xH7.5cm / Approx. 275g / Crystal glass

Rose Flower decoration : Preserved flowers

What are preserved flowers? A fresh flower that has been processed so that it does not need to be watered and will not wither. They are as elegant and delicate as fresh flowers, but since "biological structures" are fresh flowers , they must be treated in the same way as fresh flowers. (The "lid cover" of the Dearest exclusive box provides some protection.)

Dearest exclusive"Red leather magic scroll" : 10x15cm/Material: Natural leather/Soft and durable. Even if you write a "letter", roll it up, and keep it forever. Even if I update the "letter" every year.

Dearest exclusive "Opening, decorative box"
White box: (approx.) 16 x 12.5 x height 11.5cm
decoration space under the transparent floor : (approximately) 14.3 x 10.8 x depth 3.4 cm

can be set in this decoration space, Pair LED candles are still being given as gifts!

Dearest exclusive "Polishing cloth that brings happiness" (Made by Toray "Toraysee"): Size 19 x 19cm
(When delivered, Set in the transparent underfloor decoration space )

An old saying comes true. Why don't you try tonight?

It is said that if you polish your glass slipper, happiness will come to you.

・・・In addition, Additional option "Museum case", it will be a wonderful decoration To (and relief). You can also purchase it at a later date (there is also a "museum case" order after half a year or a few years later). Purchased at the same time has a luxurious appearance from the beginning.

Gently place the "ring" on the smooth top and it becomes a ring pillow. The ring seems to float on the surface of the water.

The soft top gently receives the precious metal ring.

* Top surface: Made by filling and molding a special highly transparent silicone with a non-slip cushioning effect into the recesses of the crystal glass.

Easier for young ring bearers to hold

You can also take out the inner decorative stand from the outer box and arrange it in a small size so that even the small hands of a young ring bearer can easily hold it.

Time Capsule

On this "white wall" of the inner decoration stand, you can send your family and friends a handwritten message.

Even if you write a letter to your future.

In the customer review (2015), we have received feedback on how this ring pillow works. This review made me very happy.


見つけて 特別な今日を!

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