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Creation service (personalized) of heartwarming lock screen painting "Dearest® Cinderella and the Little Glass Slipper", optimized for iOS16

  • ¥1,100
デジタル絵画「シンデレラと小さなガラスの靴」 誕生日のお祝いに
12時の魔法 ミッション・ステートメント
mission statement 12oclockmagic

デジタル絵画「Dearest® シンデレラと小さなガラスの靴」の作成フロー ①お写真を額装 ②魔法にしたい言葉を入力 ③魔法の送り状を入力
We have started one-of-a-kind Digital Painting "Dearest Cinderella and A Little Glass Slipper" Creation Service. It takes about 20 minutes to create. You can download it immediately after ordering.

Like a plate of cake recharges a tired body, the digital painting of "Dearest® Cinderella and A Little Glass Slipper" will be a song to cheer you up.

The price is 1,100 yen including tax(1000 yen without tax), which is about the same as one plate of cake.

A small gift. Just send it via Email or SNS. It is a size (aspect ratio) that is easy to use as a smartphone standby. Because it is high-definition data, it can also be used on tablet and PC screens.

Of course, you can't eat it as deliciously as sweets, but its taste will last forever.

Step 1  Framing a photo

Decorate your favorite photo in a gorgeous, magical frame. You can choose from photos saved on your smartphone or PC, or you can take a selfie on the spot and decorate it in the frame.


Step 2  Enter the words to make magic

The glass slipper is a symbol of magic that can never be solved. Please think of words you want to make magical and put them in the glass slipper. If you use it as a standby for your smartphone, you will get cheering every time you look at it. Maybe "fairy" will support you.

Enter the words you want to make magic. 

You can also adjust text size and line alignment.


Select a typeface


Let's set up an aura of the message. It's magical words.


Step 3  Enter magical invoice

Designate a friend or family member as the magic recipient. Sometimes you can be the magic recipient yourself.

Enter magical invoice and select a font
Enter a recipient and select a font

Step 4  Purchase Procedure

Please select credit card payment and complete the purchase procedure. (Bank transfer is an option only in Japan for real version production.)

Since this service is for downloading digital products, there is an input field for the billing address, but there is no input field for the delivery address.

Step 5   One and only Digital Painting Download

You can download your freshly made "Digital Painting" from the link in your order confirmation email that you will receive shortly after purchase.


You can freely enjoy the created digital painting within the scope of personal use. 

Personal use (examples):
(1) You can add notes in the empty space with a pen afterward and have fun with it;
(2) You can send it to multiple recipients, for example, to your family or a group of friends;
(3) You can post it on SNS.


With your hands, deliver a one-of-a-kind glass slipper and make someone happy!


You can not to use the digital paintings for commercial purposes.

Commercial use (examples):
(1) to be sold as NFT art;
(2) to be sold at auction;
(3) to be sold on material websites, whether paid or free, etc.

For commercial use, please get in touch with us.


見つけて 特別な今日を!

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