AKIBA Culture Theater 2015 "Just before Debuts Idol 5 Last Performances 2015 Alumni Association-Cinderella is me! ~"

Congratulations on winning "Wars". Dearest glass shoes became "winning trophy". From about 27 minutes of videos, the championship "Glass shoe present" begins. Introducing related articles.

Introducing related articles.


"Wow Winning! Summer Rookie Performance 2015 Hot Summer I'm Running!"Media coverage article

There are a lot of photos, and Dearest glass shoes have two pictures (2 photos of "vertical"), two photos (2 photos of "vertical") are introduced. A shining smile with glass shoes is very impressive.


Winner group "Wars"Blog article

It is an article full of a lot of fine words. If you read this blog article, you may be fine.

"Wow"Official site


※ Postscript 2016/7/10 She is active in Taiwan and Singapore.