AKIBA Cultures Theater 2015 "Five new idol groups just before their debut performance 2015 class reunion ~Cinderella is me!~"

Congratulations to everyone at WASUTA on winning. The Dearest Glass Slipper is now the "winning trophy". From about 27 minutes into the video, the winning ceremony "Gift of the Glass Slipper" begins. Here are some related articles.

Introducing related articles.

"WASUTA Champion! Summer Rookie Performance 2015 Hot summer everyone ran through!" Media coverage

Among the many photographs, I would like to introduce 2 photographs of Dearest holding the glass shoes in both hands (2 vertical photographs). A bright smile with glass shoes is very impressive.

Winning group "WASUTA" Blog post

This article is filled with lots of energetic words. After reading this blog post, you may feel better.

WASUTA Official website

* Postscript 2016/7/10 He is also active in Taiwan and Singapore, and is doing his best.