Proposal ring pillow present, OR marriage anniversary

Since 2003-


"Magic at 12 o'clock" is a small little dream studio

Here is a place to explore the "beautiful dream".

Even though it is a small small small workshop,

With a big dream

We are exploring "I have to be an important beautiful dream".

"Glass shoes" order service is officially expected to 2003, in the 19th year of this summer.

A deep and rich journey that has not been imagined. Thank you to everyone who supported.

Happy ever after

2020 version


Global specifications

Glass shoes Dearest® such an activity (Publicity)

2003-2021 +

In your heart

Glass shoes


Decorate and Polish


New box. Global specifications.

Gift box. Celebrate. When you want to make it smooth.

Dearest ® Glass shoe

  • ¥19,800

New service was started. Design, you can see before ordering

Enjoy the design!


When the words are decided, select the typeface.



Surely, this is! When

Nataku design

You can find it.

Name of name sculpture design


"Manuscript" X "typeface"

= Real-time (automatic production) Design


Change in the "typeface" to choose,


Finished "Atmosphere"


You can see it before ordering!

You can try trial and error!


(After ordering: An experienced designer is checked. Advice as needed.)


What kind of words, any message, what typeface


peace? Is it a gorge? Is it real? Overflowing?


Before ordering, you can try trial and error!


Trial and error, fun.


Find it

Find your Dearest

It is fun to decorate.

It is fun to decorate.

Watch out, exciting.


When I polish, my heart is sparkling.

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