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<tc>My appreciation.</tc>
<tc>Our Mission</tc>
You are an essential dream on this earth.

We make "a little glass slipper" that stay by your side and encourage you.

Why don't you make a little glass slipper you have imagined in your mind?

Then, polish it. There is a legend that polishing a little glass slipper brings happiness closer.

The reason I, Hiro named "Dearest".

You are an essential dream on this earth.

Hiro (revision 2022)
<tc>As a Proposal, as a Ring Pillow, as a Present, OR as a Marriage Anniversary</tc>

Since 2003 Summer.

<tc>Happily Ever After</tc>

<tc>A Glass Slipper Dearest® such an activity (Publicity)</tc>

<tc>Enjoy designing!</tc>

Once you have decided on the words, choose a typeface.

Have fun!

At some point, you will find satisfaction in what you see in the design you created.

"This is it!"

You will say it.


Find a little glass slipper that's been in your heart forever.

And decorate it.

And polish it.

<tc>Find it, your "Dearest."</tc>

It is fun to decorate.

It is fun to display.

Looking at it, it is exciting.


When I polish, my heart is sparkling.

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  • <tc>Email</tc> <tc>dearest@12oclockmagic.com</tc>