<tc>Our Mission</tc>
You are an essential dream on this earth.

We make "a little glass slipper" that stay by your side and encourage you.

Why don't you make a little glass slipper you have imagined in your mind?

Then, polish it. There is a legend that polishing a little glass slipper brings happiness closer.

The reason I, Hiro named "Dearest".

You are an essential dream on this earth.

Hiro (revision 2022)
<tc>As a Proposal, as a Ring Pillow, as a Present, OR as a Marriage Anniversary</tc>

Since 2003 Summer.

<tc>Happily Ever After</tc>

<tc>A Glass Slipper Dearest® such an activity (Publicity)</tc>

<tc>My appreciation.</tc>

<tc>Celebrate. When you want to give a more personal gift. One answer is to provide the recipient with a "tailor-made ticket," a coupon that allows the recipient to choose the words to be engraved. The recipient of the "Tailoring Coupon" will only be responsible for the shipping charge, which will vary on the delivery address. The shipping fee is a flat rate of 660 yen within Japan, with no additional burden for remote islands, and overseas shipping fees are currently under-adjusted.</tc>

Dearest® "Cinderella and the Little Glass Slipper" Gift Card

  • ¥19,800
<tc>Enjoy designing!</tc>

Once you have decided on the words, choose a typeface.

Have fun!

At some point, you will find satisfaction in what you see in the design you created.

"This is it!"

You will say it.


Find a little glass slipper that's been in your heart forever.

And decorate it.

And polish it.

<tc>Find it, your "Dearest."</tc>

It is fun to decorate.

It is fun to display.

Looking at it, it is exciting.


When I polish, my heart is sparkling.

  • <tc>Opening hours Tuesday Saturday 10-18 (JST)</tc> 0561−84−6071
  • <tc>Email</tc> <tc>dearest@12oclockmagic.com</tc>