The reason why "glass shoes" did not disappear even after 12 o'clock.I would like to approach Cinderella with the true intention of Perot, the original author.

A few days ago, "Glass Shoes" gave Cinderella to Cinderella, and since it was not magical, the mystery story of "Glass Shoes" did not disappear after 12 o'clock.


As the creator of the glass slipper, we'll dig up this mystery.


This essay sums up from my thoughts about my thirteen years of thinking that I have been involved in the production of "glass shoes" from my thoughts, and my desire to approach the "true" of Perot as a producer.

Yasunari Kawabata, who gave me a pair of shoes from Cinderella.

This photo is translated by Nobel Prize writer Yasunari Kawabata.In this book, Yasunari Kawabata has been translated as follows.


" and he gave me a pair of shoes."

Yasunari Kawabata, who gave me a pair of shoes from Cinderella.

" It was a lovely, cut-off glass shoe,"


(From Expropriation Books)

In Disney's movies, magic adds a range where glass shoes are appearing.200 years ago, the original Perot cut glass shoes from magic and why did they make it "magic?"?


"The Glass Shoes" is not a magic, but a magical "reality." Perot is a reader,"When I was able to get a glass shoe, I could become Cinderella." And have you had a "dream power," "I want to go to a dream, a posture of a few hardships?"?


The publisher, who took over this thought, and later published "Cinderella" in Perrault, and the publishers who wanted to enjoy a lot of readers, were very much concerned with "glass shoes".

The publisher, Joseph Cundall, (published in 1845), also distinguishers from the magic of the first part, saying, "A senjo pulled out of his pocket."


But look at the red underline.

"elastic glass slippers" The publisher has just added a bit of "Elastic" to its elastic glass slippers.


If there is ` no elasticity ` in ` glass shoes `, we cannot dance without the ` elasticity `.


I would have added a word to try to avoid the small child "and the shitoin."


I'm worried about the glass slipper.(The little child was not made by the window of the house, it was made of a special glass of glass, and the idea is growing rapidly into the future.)


The publisher, Joseph Cundall, came to the world with the intention of creating "family treasure."(Maybe it's time for a Harry Potter to go to J.K. Rowling, maybe.)

"The glass slipper," he said, was a "magic" to distinguish it from the "magic".

Charles Perrault

I'll try to make it a mystery.To do this, first of all, I don't have to know about Perot.


The original author, Charles Perrault, is this man.


Can you imagine the sight at that time?


Perot was the man who served Louis XIV, and was in the heart of the monarchy.


In 1669, Perot (41 years old, 28 years after Cinderella Publishing, 28 years old) is going to advance to Louis XIV to produce 39 fountains in Versailles.

Fountains of the Palace of Versailles

When the fountain is complete, Perot also creates a guidebook called "The Lost Palace of Versailles" so that citizens can enjoy the garden.


In order to raise the popularity and prestige of Louis XIV, the fountain garden was able to enter the garden and enjoy it.The guidebook title does not mark the name of a garden map, such as a garden map, but rather a labyrinth called 'Labyrinth ', which is an interesting aspect of the Perot.


The theme of the fountain is the 6th century B.C., "The Tales of Isop"

The famous "Mirror Corridor" of the Palace of Versailles is completed in 1684 after the fountain garden.The large space covered with 357 large mirrors (73 meters in length, 10.5 meters in width, 12.3 meters high).The charm of glass is overwhelmed.(Designers are different)

Corridor of the Palace of Versailles

The large "glass" and "mirrors" are very valuable.There was a manufacturing technique in France.France seems to have wanted to become one of the major export industries that should be proud of "glass manufacturing."

Charlie Pelelow, the original author of "Cinderella or a Little Glass Shoes" (when I was 44 years old)

This portrait is at the age of 44, Charles Perot.


This is a portrait of Perot's wedding year after three years of his prophecy to Louis 14.This is also the year of the fountain's construction.


Perot's life as an architect after learning the law.Along with his older brother, Claude Perot, he was involved in the architecture of the Palace of Versailles.You can also see the Building Drawing.


I have a good understanding of the aspect of Perot's "working house."


The part of the curve is the Royal Chapel?

Mysterical and No.1 practitor Perot

In the book, Perot will have a very important idea in Cinderella's story of Schur's childhood when he was a young boy.The advantage of having "granted" the "glass slipper" rather than making it "one of magic" is the fact that it is a good thing.


By saying "I gave you", "Glass Shoes" could be a reality in France, and aimed to create an imaginable image of French glass, "adoration."(In order to help a glass company, to support the administration of Louis XIV)

Note: In this time, the 'book' was in the form of 'chap book' hidden in the palm of the hand, and was passed as 'omiyage' to the bride by a peddled merchant who went in and out of the residence and the castle.Cinderella was a popular book that was passed as a "chap book" to a lady in a residence or a palace.They were able to advertise the "book" to the upper class who could buy expensive French glass.

"Cinderella, or the little glass slipper" (produced 70 years ago) is a collection of the chap book "Cinderella, or the little glass slipper," 210 years ago, so let me introduce you to one day.In Japan, the library of Tsurumi University in Yokohama has more than one spot of Cinderella's precious "chap book".I looked at the spot on the back of the repository of humidification keys, but it was very valuable.

The glass slipper and the "dress" that melted the "magic" and the glass vanished, "glass" vanished, and the image of being fascinated by "French glass" is not fostered.At last, there was a road to peace, and I was very excited about the promotion of the industry, and I am sure to be a practitor.


There is no "lining" of this deduction.


However, one thing is that this'deduction' (with the aim of supporting a new business of 'French glass' and supporting the export of 'glass of French glass') seems to have been 'may have been' (with the aim of supporting behind the scenes), 'which is something that I think is' may be the case! '


Just one thing, I found it might be, "The Office of the Rigs".


It is titled "Title.""Cinderella, or a little glass slipper."

Compare the two-bilingual, Pellow, Grimm, and so on.

Charles Perrault: Cinderella, or little glass shoes


The French title "Cendrillon", ou La petite Pantoufle de Vérés


Translated English title Cinderella, or the little glass slipper


Translated Japanese title Cinderella, or small glass shoes.


When you click on a picture, you can read it in a blue library.

Grum: ' Hash Princess'

Grimm is the "grey princess."





When you click on a picture, you can read it in a blue library.

reasoning:At that time, the "Cinderella, or the Small Glass Shoes" of Perot became a topic for the lady, the more expensive French "glass" would have been,


The title of the Grimm brothers' title is "The Princess of Ashes", about 130 years later.There is no 'kikono' in 'Daimokono' (title)."Glass Shoes" do not appear in the story of the Grimm.


80 years after the release of the "Cinderella", the United States became independent from the United Kingdom.Fifty years later, the "Grimm Fairy Tales" is a time-axis.The emergence of "photography" technology is almost the same as that of an era.


Charlie Pereloe was also a secretary to Louis XIV.This is the time for France to publish its path to peace.There may have been a lot of hope for the promotion of industry.

Another Myster-No.2, Father, Perot.

"The Glass Shoes" is not magic, so I can't understand it forever."


The nanny (a fairy and a sorcerer) has the meaning of ' paterunners. 'The "glass shoes" given by the paternant nurse, who is a paternant, may have been "published" at this time, with the important wish of the "symbol of eternal disappearing" and the thought of peace to the point of peace.I think Perot was so strong in his life that he had a strong thought of "living".


Even though the gold dress melts, it is a transparent and attractive image with a "glass shoe" that does not disappear, and at the same time, a fragile glass of glass is a fragile image of glass.To make a strong and strong 'Cinderella' story, I admired the precious thing about the 'Akebono' in the end of the 17th century, which I did not know, but the image of 'The Glass Shoes' and 'valuable things, but I will make efforts with courage and, if I dance at the ball, I will be happy.' "(Perot is a person who was interested in creating a new era.I have also been arguing about the great antiquities of literature in the records.)


If you think of this, "Cinderella" is more like a more loving story.


If you were a Perot, you would have told me what kind of glass you were talking about.


Would you like to be this kind of reasoning?


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