Various Cinderella books published in 1947 "Princess Cinderella" with illustrations by Seiji Togo (from the collection)

名作物語 シンデレラ姫 表紙 東郷青児が挿絵を依頼された本 内扉

"Masterpiece Story Princess Cinderella"

Author Masao Kusuyama

Illustration Seiji Togo

Publisher Kobunsha

Date of publication February 5, 1947

Regular price 55 yen

Illustration by Seiji Togo around the age of 50 Togo's painting is described as an art of worshiping women.

In addition to his paintings and prints, he also works on product design. who entertained.

It is hard to guess what his true intentions were in taking on the illustrations for Cinderella, but since he probably worked on this book, which was published soon after the New Year in 1947, the year after the end of the war, It is speculated that he, who was already a famous person, was put in charge of illustrations to bring smiles to the faces of families in post-war towns.

There was a man named Charles Perrault, and he was the first to write French folk tales in French and put them into a single book. So, I decided to put it out under the name of Little Musuko, who had just turned ten, and that the child had heard from his mother and had written it down. This is probably the first book in the world to write folk tales in simple, plain language that children can understand. Kusuyama Masao

名作物語 シンデレラ姫 表紙 東郷青児が挿絵を依頼された本 絵には東郷青児の署名

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