Glass Shoes and Cinderella Tales (2006.2.11)

Maybe the world's most famous shoes.

And probably the most unseen shoe in the world.

** This sentence was written when the 2003 summer glass shoe production service was officially launched. * *


Maybe the world's most famous shoes.

probably the most unseen shoe in the world.


If you had a shoe made with glass,

If you touch me, do you want to touch Hinjari?


Why don't you put it in the palm of your hand? Is it heavy?


If ...


If you were on this desk in front of me?


You don't think that's what you think?

"The most famous shoes in the world, the most unseen boots in the world," and "If the glass is made of glass," the sentence was the first time in the summer of 2003, when the first official announcement of the glass slies was made.


There are stories about Cinderella and the plot that resemble plots all over the world.About 300 years ago, Perot put together "Cinderella" based on such a story.


The fact that Cinderella has been fascinated by many generations of people around the world may have been a trick that Perot had planned as a narrative of common DNA in all parts of the world.(* Pereot has a background on the background of architects who have studied law.)


Nevertheless, Cinderella's love is so much loved by the "glass slipper".

One existence of "glass shoes" has made Cinderella a special story for people around the world.In 2002, when I first thought of glass shoes, I found the "singular point" in "The Glass of Glass Shoes" in the summer of 2003, when I first thought about the glass slipper.The singular point was, "perhaps the most famous shoes in the world, and perhaps the most unseen shoes in the world," in the words of the message.


No one has ever seen the real thing, but there is an image of "Glass Shoes" in the heart.When I first met Cinderella at a young age, the existence of glass shoes somewhere in my mind has been firmly rooving in my mind, and it is in my mind to be in a concrete shape.It's strange.I remember when I was little, the glass shoes were not so much of the ' kat'.Why don't you think of that as an image of an adult who has a specificity, but is still there, but still it is?


"The existence of a glass shoe" with the roots in the heart, and the glass slipper that is made from a glass of real glass, and when the impression is engraved in the hands, it goes beyond "concrete,"At that time, I hope that the original memories of the two people will be written out as the starting point of the first point, "the most famous shoes in the world" and "the most unseen shoes in the world".11 February 2006