New Model (Trailer 1) Dearest Glass Shoes "Sunflower"

In June, we delivered this new model Dearest Glass Slipper "Sunflower" (the photo is the prototype ver.2) for the first time. 

To the singer-songwriter who has a calm and clear voice, this song was produced as a present from her fans in commemoration of her 30th anniversary. 

I received the order and checked it out. Even if you're not a fan, you'll be drawn to the lyrics, melodies, and voices that cheer people up. 

This person has a song called "Sunflower". Encouraged by the lyrics, I built the prototype into the final version. 

May your dreams come true one day. The Dearest Glass Slipper "Sunflower" will officially start soon.

Dearest ガラスの靴 ひまわり