New model (preview 2) ring pillow glass shoes ring!

A new "ring pillow" method in which the trial manufacture has been made full-fledged since February


The trial was made by the request from the visitor who wants to make "surprise" more.

With glass shoes, with rose, with flow, with rose & flow, you can set the ring on the slope as the base set. Set the ring to float on the water surface.

On July 5, 2015, I ordered the order with a margin, but made it speedy. The item was very nice and very expensive. It is a character with a choice of font.Because I had a 3-year-old ring girl, I tried various kinds of shoes. And the ring did not move.It was blue pedestal, but it was not a cheap color. I opened the box many times as I wanted to see, but I was able to remove the ribbon easily.Everyone was touched by the slippers in the shoe, but there was no fingerprint.The preserved flower was also good for 6 pence coins. As for this customer's voice, the dearest glass shoes become the ring pillow like "magic" by the "special specification" in the basic set "normal specification".

However, there is a problem that it is better to devise more. The ring becomes "horizontal" and it is difficult to show "ring" to the guest. However, almost all ring pillow of the world is a method to put the ring to "horizontal".


Actually, I had the same request many times until now.


「 It is the request that "silk cushion" for "standard" is set on the "Rose".

However, it is not possible to apply. When the ring is set, the center of the center of gravity of this silk cushion is raised. As it is, the cushion with the center of gravity goes up on top of the top of "with rose". In the standard, you can set the ring to be visible to guests by two concave sides of the glass shoe.


Because there is a problem of this "rotation", I have not been able to propose it until now.

In January 2016, "with rose" was produced in 2014, and the proposal was received from the customer who was proposed. In the spring ceremony, we would like to look at the ring, and we would like to set the ring to have a sense of surprise.


I've been consulting many times over the past several years, and I just caught the "clue" of the solution, so I headed for "trial".

After this new ring ring ring, I opened the letter up. (the right is the mold for the press pushing).

Glass shoes new ring pillow "oath letter" shows off in a receptive reception

We had a "announcement" at the reception banquet reception. Frame

A & quot; ring pillow system "was able to be made by the cooperation of a & n's wife.


( I have been waiting for three months from the trial start to the completion, and the completion became clear, but it was a little help to spun a happy time.)


It will be officially announced as an additional option.