New model (Trailer 2) Ring pillow method Symbolically put a ring on a glass slipper!

The new "ring pillow" method, which started full-scale "prototype" work from around February

We proceeded with the prototype in response to a request from a customer who wanted to make it a more "surprise".

Glass Slippers "with Rose", "with Flow", "with Water", and "with Rose & Flow" allow you to set the ring on the slope with the basic set. Set the ring so that it floats on the surface of the water.

July 5th, 2015 I placed the order with time to spare, but it was made quickly. The product was very good quality and worth the price. You can also choose the typeface, and it is a character with quality. I tried tilting the shoes in various ways for a 3-year-old ring girl to hold it, but it doesn't move from the pedestal as the description says. It wasn't sticky and the ring didn't move. I chose a blue pedestal, but I really like it because it's not a cheap color. I opened and closed the box many times because my friend wanted to see it, but it was great that the ribbon could be easily removed. Everyone touched the non-slip inside the shoes, but they were surprised that there were no fingerprints left. I'm glad I added a preserved flower and a 6pence coin. Like this customer's voice, the Dearest Glass Slipper is a "magical" ring pillow with "special ingenuity" even in the basic set "normal specification". 

Nevertheless, there are some issues that should be improved. The ring becomes "horizontal" and it is difficult to show the "ring" to the guests. However, "almost all ring pillows" in the world are designed to hold the ring "horizontally".

Actually, she has made the same request many times. 

This is a request to set a "silk cushion" for "Standard" on top of "with Rose". 

However, it is not something that can be "applied" as it is. When the ring is set, the "axis of the center of gravity" of this silk cushion rises. As it is, the cushion with the center of gravity raised will rotate on the top of "with Rose". In "Standard", the two concave side walls of the glass slipper prevent rotation and allow the ring to be set in view of the guests.

Because of this "rotation" issue, we were unable to make any proposals until now.

In January 2016, I received a consultation from a customer who had proposed to me after producing "with Rose" in 2014. For spring weddings, we were asked to set the ring so that it would be visible and give a surprise feeling.

We had received many inquiries over the years, and had just grasped the "cue" for a solution, so we headed straight to "prototyping."

After exchanging rings with this new "ring pillow method", when you open the rolled up letter... is "the words of the oath of the two".

ガラスの靴 新しいリングピロー方式 「誓いの手紙」は額装してレセプションでお披露目

We were able to "unveil" at the reception. (framed)

With the cooperation of Mr. and Mrs. A&N, we were able to create a new "Ring Pillow Method". 

(From the start of the prototype to the completion, we waited for 3 months, and although the completion was almost finished, we were able to help create a happy moment.)

 We will officially announce it as an "additional option" soon.