A Christmas proposal is a proposal to help us get help from the "operation of stars".

The proposal to propose to Christmas is that "the city's atmosphere is the most romantic in a year," so do you think it's a "day of proposal for the proposal?"


Christmas is probably the third day in the world that the proposal is most likely.(Three days!)


This is the result of the investigation.

According to a recent survey conducted in the United States, 15 percent of women and 24 percent of men support "Christmas Eve" as a best schedule for the proposal.10 % of women and 9 % of men are supporting Christmas Day."Boxing Day (the day after Christmas Day)" is also supported by 5 % of women and men.Boxing Day is chosen not to take a holiday on "Christmas Day" in the service sector.

About 30 percent of women and 40 percent of men think Christmas is the most suitable schedule for the proposal in a year.


On the other hand, there are about 30 percent of the same proportion of men and women who think of their anniversary and their birthday as a best timing. Christmas is chosen as a proposal for the same day as the one who will be chosen as the best day for the proposal.

"Christmas Proposal": Does this Christmas proposal have something "special power" as a "special day"?


The survey was conducted in the United States, but Christmas Santa Claus and Christmas trees are more and more loved by people all over the world, as Halloween is now being enjoyed all over the world.If you look at a global scale, you can prove it's probably the most prop day in the world, perhaps in a year.


It's a nice day, isn't it?Proposals around the world are going to be held here and there.


I'll take a look at it around the corner.

Is Christmas an old tradition of fun in the world?


Christmas is an unexpected place around the world, but it doesn't support the culture of mankind, which is more new than Cinderella's glass shoes, and the world has become more connected to the world by communication technology.


"Cinderella" began to be loved all over the world, and in the 19th century, when it became the subject of research, Christmas was born in the 19th century.

A white-beard round Santa Claus lived in the North Pole, a toy factory in the North Pole, a toy from the North Pole, and a flying sledge drawn by the reindeer.


The image of the present Santa Claus was created for nearly 10 years after the arrival of the Perry.


This is the year when Ryoma SAKAMOTO left the domain at last.

Tnacay and Flying Sorie are only a little old, and they were proposed in the 1820s.In Japan, when Siebold came to Nagasaki,


Tnacay and Flying Sorei are based on Moore's poem, "Nightmare AviforChristmas".The image of today's Christmas is quite recent.


The North Pole, the Santa Claus, is Thomas Nast, who is a man of the Arctic.


The fact that the "North Pole" where the toy factory has become the base of Santa Claus has been proposed because it is not part of any country, and it is unrelated to politics.This was Thomas Nast, a satirical painter who was an interesting newspaper cartoonist, and a newspaper reporter.

The appearance of Santa Claus's white beard is said to have been inspired by Thomas Nast's grandfather, the look of his grandfather, and the warm coat and the thick belt of his great belt, from the blessing of Saint Nikolaus in his childhood.


The reason why Mr. Nast decided the "North Pole" to be the location of a Santa's toy factory is that "the North Pole" is a symbol of peace, for mankind, not from any country, that is, for everyone, equal to peace.


It was this idea that was loved by everyone all over the world.

Change the viewpoint.This is a telegraph cable that was caused by "technological innovation."This is the era when the world was connected by telegraph cable.In 1871, Japan was connected to the European and American continents through the undersea cable, and the telegraph communication was connected.

The "Christmas image," which was created in a time when the world began to be connected in real time, was one of the major events in Japan at the end of the 20th century, 30 years, 40 years, and the beginning of the 20th century.

Photo by RonnyK.

The spread of the Perot story "Cinderella, or Glass Shoes" and "Christmas" became popular around the world, thinking that there is a lot of impact on this innovation.


We are thinking of the culture of being popular, loved and established around the world in front of the Beatles, as "Cinderella", "Glass Shoes," and "Christmas."


Like the Beatles, it's purely for people all over the world, and everyone's habits are Christmas.

The love of people all over the world, and the marriage proposal to enjoy it, is primly.


On the same day, on the same day,


Millions of people around the world may be proposing


Can you imagine that?