Wakami Mami 2005/03/24 From Wakami, who lives in the United States, Glass shoes will be given to Japanese best friends who will be wedding soon



Mr. Takahashi received an email that arrived.


"Such ring pillow, I have never seen it! I'm very happy!"


It seems that it was delighted to be delighted!

Anything was too happy and it seems to be decorated by the company of the master (who will be) until the wedding ceremony. (Lol)


Thank you for your prompt response.

Then thank you for sending photos!

Very nice ring pillow can be presented and I am really happy.

We don't attend Hawaii's wedding, but we will attend the reception in Japan (it will be April 16) and you will send you a photo!

(The reception, decorating ring pillow, and she is saying)


Well, thank you for taking care of it.

If you have a relationship again, thank you all!



Japanese friends who lived in the United States, Japan's friends; I asked for a gift for Takahashi-sama. I am honored to be able to decorate my husband's company. Thanks to the men who care about the men! is. And thank you for creating such a fun opportunity, Kazuka.