Linako-sama 2005/07/23 "I arrived on the day I arrived, so I passed a friend with a wedding.


The other day, I ordered a ring pillow of glass shoes ○ Maru.

(Note: I will turn on the first kanji of your name.)


On the day I arrived, a friend with a wedding came to play, so I passed it right away. And I got it on the spot.


I was very cute, romantic, and my friend was happy, and I was happy, thank you very much for making it really cute.


I have already finished last year's wedding ceremony, but my sister seems to be married soon, so I would like to order it by all means. Thank you for the section. Thank you very much.

Thank you very much for Linako. Linako's "feeling of present" is successful, and it is. I'm glad. In the case of a present, we are nervous in secret. The subject of "glass shoes" is a bit special. At first, when I was creating a glass shoe and I was thinking about what I would like to tell you, I found an important thing. There is a "singular point" for "existence of glass shoes". It was the concept of "probably the most famous shoes & probably the world in the world" that made the singularity. Everyone has never seen the "body", but that's one person, there is an image of "glass shoes". The image is also "somehow, more specific". When I got an image in my heart and a reality, I hope that I will make a chemical reaction with a chemical reaction in my heart and an impression that is carved in my heart, and I'm going to be able to get over the "first schedule" .