When I opened the box while thinking about "..." Momozuma 2015/01/31 "..." I was impressed when I saw the glass shoes!

Thank you very much for delivering a nice product this time!


There is a ceremony on January 25, and I want to use the ring pillow of this glass shoe with the ceremony ... but I'm busy with work, chased every day to the preparation of other expressions, and if I notice it 10 days before the ceremony I was thinking of giving up.


However, even if you look for other ring pillows, there was no more than the shoes of this glass, and I could not give up. At that time, I am grateful that I was talking about consultation to suit the last minute. I was really happy to touch the warmth of people. Surely, I'm not going to be in time, but it was possible to say more quickly, but I thought it would be said to be ..., but I was talking about the telephone group to consult myself .


I made it at the shortest and arrived 3 days before the delivery date to the ceremony place. When I was applying in the last minute, I was impressed when I opened the box while thinking ... and I saw the glass shoes!


I was very wonderful, and I was moved by a life for a lifetime.


And on the day of the ceremony, it was a happy and great day a day, such as whether it was also a princess of the protagonist that appears in the story☆ 


I think that such a wonderful day was welcomed, thanks to the one who has been consulted by the phone. I'm really thankful to you. I am filled with gratitude! I think this dwells will be deeply engraved in my chest every time I remember the wedding.


It became long and I was sorry. I thought that I could tell you how to give this gratitude, and I made it written here. I'm really thankful to you. I will continue to cherish it.