Kagawa Prefecture Y-sama June 23, 2015 Previous Proposes in Cinderella Castle in Disneyland Success!

Comfort Cook Ito Sendo


It is ○ ○ ○ ○ I ordered at the end of May. I am sorry for the late contact.


First of all, it is a glass shoe of manufactured, but it has arrived safely. Thank you very much for your help, but thank you for your quick response. Thank you very much.


This time she had a glass shoe of glass, but it may have talked a little by charging, but it was for a proposal to her. She has a heartfilling proposal, and has a glass shoe and has proposed in front of Cinderella Castle in Disneyland. The reply was Jesus.


It was good to meet this glass shoes! I will use it with a wedding! This time, thank you very much!

From Y-like Y-like Kagawa Prefecture (Thank you for the permission of publication)