○ ○ A. Y-like 2015/07/12 "I am very happy to show it to the husband who came back at the end of next week. I think it will be a wonderful wedding."

Comfort Cook Ito


We become indebted to.

Today, I received ring pillow safely.


Open the cardboard and get a red ribbon box in the eyes


A longing box that was watching on the homepage has been a long time ago! I moved to say.


In addition, the chest has full of nice glass shoes that made the ribbon with a remnant box and riding on a beautiful blue stand.


It started from the production request of the blue table, and I apologize for the inconvenience, and I was sorry to ask you to contact.


However, I am very pleased to have a wedding ceremony in this wonderful ring pillow. I really thank you!


I am really looking forward to the husband who came back at the end of next week. I think I will be a wonderful wedding.


Even if the expression is finished, this ring pillow will continue to be present with the memories of the ceremony, so it will really be the shoe of Cinderella glass. Thank you for delivering magic that can not be solved.


From now on, please continue to deliver her magic who can not solve many people. Thank you very much for this time.