Letters from K. H, Tochigi, Tochigi Prefecture, October 18, 2017, glass shoe Dearest proposal-grand success!

15:38 Comfort-Cook-Cook, Hiromichi ITO.


Good afternoon.I proposed to you at a hotel in Tokyo on the 14th.


"The result was a great success!"


I had beforehand a glass shoe and a ring on it, and I went to my room at twelve o'clock at night, and I proposed to the hotel.


She was pretty and delicate and delicate, so she liked her shoes very much!


Now, on the front shelves of my house, I'm going to put the roses in the roses of the roses, and put my shoes in. (^ ^) I want to take care of them as well.


Thank you very much for coming this time to respond to the urgent request of me.I'm just going to send you a thank you. I'm going to send you a letter from K. H. in Tochigi Prefecture.

Congratulations to Mr. K. H.The telephone you have permission to publish is a fun time.I'm just a bit old enough to give you a good time for the preparation.Today, the happy and happy voice of this phone is intersecting a little bit of the previous love of the phone.I'm happy.I talked to you about the glass shoes decorated on the shelves in the letter.When I come back to work, the secret garden of the two of you is greeted by the flower petals of roses that are laid around.The idea of an aptitude two is a derailment.