Letter from K.H, Tochigi Prefecture October 18, 2017 Glass Shoes Dearest Proposal Great Success!

October 18, 2017 15:38 Comfort Cook Hiromichi Ito 

Hello. The other day, on the 14th, I proposed at a hotel in Tokyo. 

The result was a surprise success! 

I asked the hotel staff to set a glass slipper and a ring on it in advance, and I entered the room exactly at 12 o'clock at night and proposed. 

She seems to really like the beautiful and delicate glass shoes! 

Right now, I have artificial rose petals spread out on the shelf at the entrance of my house, and my shoes are displayed inside them (^^) I would like to continue to cherish them together. 

Thank you very much for your prompt response to my request. Thank you very much! Letter from Mr. K.H in Tochigi Prefecture

Congratulations to K.H on his achievement. It's a fun time to call to get permission to post. The meeting time for preparations just a little while ago is revived. Today's voice conveying genuine happiness and fun intersects with the memories of the meeting a little while ago. I wish you all the best. You mentioned the glass slipper on the door shelf in your letter. Rose petals spread all around, and when you go to work or come home, the two of you will be greeted by a secret garden. Hats off to the wonderful ideas of the two of you.